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Baptisms at Gateway Church

Last Sunday we had the privilege of photographing the baptisms at Gateway Bible Church in Blue Springs, MO. Aubree and I finished preparing the photos today so that each person that was baptized last Sunday will receive an 8×10 that looks like the image below. ¬†It’s such a blessing to use our skills as photographers for our local church! ¬†Photography is yet another way we can worship God :~)

Photographers document baptisms in Blue Springs Missouri

Photographers document baptisms in Blue Springs Missouri

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Information about Weather Radio’s

There are 2 ways to limit the alerts that go off on a weather radio.

1. SAME codes = limit to 1 or several counties.
(Johnson Cnty KS code is 020091 – find codes at weather.gov)

2. Alert type Override = Tornado watch, Tornado Warning, Flood Watch, etc.

Two radios that let you program in both Alert Type Overrides and SAME (County FIPS) codes are:

Radioshack 12-521

Midland WR-300

GOOD PRICE WR-300: Amazon
GOOD PRICE WR-300: Radio Shack

There are dozens of other radios that support SAME but don’t allow for limiting the alert types. Amazon, Radio Shack, Pricechopper all carry Midland Radios: I’d recommend the Midland WR-100, WR-120, or HH54VP2 – all of these can be limited to just Johnson County with S.A.M.E but can’t be limited to not go off for every “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” or “Flash Flood Watch” like the other radios can.

I decided I only want to be awakened for a Tornado warning, which is why I bought a Radio Shack 12-521 for my house.

Here are the types of alerts that can be disabled/enabled in the 12-521 and the WR-300 radios. Asterisks indicate permanently enabled alerts that cannot be disabled.

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All about Dave… Ramsey that is

My wife and I are on a quest – a quest to eliminate every bit of our debt. We each had been independently following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University plan before we met, and continued to follow it after we got married – but this year, 2010, we decided to get so gazelle intense that we could eliminate our debt by the end of the year. One way we hope to accomplish that is by offering a great deal on our weddings, hoping to book every weekend. If we can book wedding photography every weekend, we will easily be out of debt this year. So brides will get a crazy bargain on photography, and we will be out of debt – a WIN/WIN.

*Package price is $1,000 – facebook/twitter discounts = $650.


Add audio player to your blog

The audio player I am using is the free Audio Player Wordpress plugin flash mp3 player from 1pixelout.

It’s really easy to install on your website – and you can find a great tutorial about using it on non wordpress pages over at macloo’s site.